Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Xenoforce Original 3 v2.1 Full

Xenoforce Original 3 v2.1 Full

The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based. This is the 2nd release of the Original 3 MOD. Using an all new Class/Teir unit design for balancing the game it puts a unique spin on the typical RTS game design. And with our own custom Xenoforce AI scrips in place it gives old players a new challenge to tackle. This update has been slightly modified from the original V2, some issues have been patched.

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