Crysis 2 - The Chepter Machines v3


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Story background: The Chepter Machine project began right after the events of Lingshan Island. Hargreave created the nanosuit to combat the Cephs, while a different company named SweTek INC, made something different. SweTek INC is an Swedish company that specialices in nano technology without the need of an exterior suit. It took many years to create and evolve a nano robot sized machines that SweTek INC code named The Chepter Machines. The Director of the project, named Simoons Larsson, saw and understod how weak and reckless the human species was, to this, he began the project. The Chepter machines provides to a human, both civilian and soldier alike, almost superhuman abilites to a small extent. While not as effective as Hargreave's Nanosuits, a soldier with the chepter machines is just as dangerous as a soldier with a nanosuit. Just like the Nanosuit 2, The Chepter Machines can create an antidote if an epidemic event happens.

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