Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide

Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide Helldivers 2 - The Best Weapons Guide

When looking at the arsenal of Helldivers 2, it's clear the game is packed with a variety of weapons to cater to every playstyle, whether you're a frontline assault enthusiast, a precision sniper, or someone who likes to support from the shadows. Here's a brief overview of some of the best weapons in the game, along with their pros and cons, to help you decide which ones suit your approach to liberating the galaxy.


Primary Weapons


AR-23 Liberator: This rifle is a staple for its balanced attributes, offering a good mix of accuracy, rate of fire, and damage. It's akin to the reliable friend who's always there when you need them, suitable for almost any situation but might not excel in specific scenarios where specialized firepower is required. It's your bread and butter, ideal for newcomers and veterans alike who value versatility.

Damage: 055 | Capacity: 045 | Recoil: 015 | Fire Rate: 650


SG-225 Breaker: Imagine the sheer force of a thunderstorm concentrated in your hands; that's the Breaker for you. Its ability to unleash a wide spread of pellets makes it a beast at close range, capable of clearing groups of enemies with ease. However, its effectiveness wanes with distance, making it less ideal for engagements beyond close quarters. It's perfect for those who like to get up close and personal.

Damage: 330 | Capacity: 016 | Recoil: 030 | Fire Rate: 300

Energy-Based Rifles


LAS-5 Scythe: This weapon is a testament to the power of continuous beam technology, cutting through enemy ranks without the need for traditional ammunition. The catch here is its cooling mechanism; prolonged use can overheat the weapon, necessitating a brief cooldown period. It's a weapon that rewards players who can manage their firing patterns with precision, offering sustained firepower without the need for reloads.

Damage: 300 | Fire Limit: 008 | Recoil: 001 | Stun Time: 0


PLAS-1 Scorcher: With explosive rounds, this rifle brings a new meaning to "hitting hard." It combines the straightforward shooting experience of ballistic weapons with the added bonus of explosive damage, making each shot count even more. The Scorcher is particularly effective against clustered enemies or when you need to make sure your shots have that extra punch. Ammo management becomes crucial, as you'll want to make each explosive round count.

Damage: 144 | Capacity: 032 | Recoil: 045 | Fire Rate: 300


Submachine Guns (SMGs)


SMG-37 Defender: This compact powerhouse allows for dynamic combat maneuvers, enabling operators to maintain offensive capabilities while performing tasks like data retrieval or carrying objectives. Its one-handed operation is a game-changer in scenarios where mobility and flexibility are key. Although it might not deliver the knockout punch of heavier weapons, its rate of fire and mobility make it a valuable tool in the arsenal.

Damage: 070 | Capacity: 045 | Recoil: 010 | Fire Rate: 520


Secondary Weapons


P-2 Peacemaker: The Peacemaker is your reliable sidekick; always there when you need a backup. Its semi-automatic nature and magazine capacity allow for a steady stream of fire in situations where your primary weapon isn't an option. It's not flashy, but its reliability is its hallmark.

Damage: 060 | Capacity: 015 | Recoil: 023 | Fire Rate: 900


P-19 Redeemer: This "machine pistol" variant ups the ante with a higher fire rate and magazine capacity, making it ideal for those moments when the enemy is too close for comfort. It's a bullet hose that can bail you out of sticky situations, though watch your ammo count as it can deplete quickly.

Damage: 060 | Capacity: 031 | Recoil: 011 | Fire Rate: 1100


P-4 Senator: The Senator brings a touch of old-school charm with its revolver-style mechanism, offering high damage per shot and the unique ability to reload anytime without wasting ammo. It's a more strategic choice, requiring precise aim and timing but rewarding those who master its use with efficient and powerful strikes.

Damage: 150 | Capacity: 006 | Recoil: 043 | Fire Rate: 200


Support Weapons


MG-43 Machine Gun: These are the heavy hitters for laying down suppressive fire. The MG-43 offers a larger magazine and higher damage, perfect for anchoring a position and keeping heads down. 

Call-in Time: 3s | Uses: Unlimited | Cooldown Time: 480s


M-105 Stalwart: The M-105 Stalwart, compared to the MG-43, provides a more mobile option, allowing operators to move and shoot with more accuracy at the cost of some firepower. Both are invaluable for controlling the battlefield and supporting teammates.

Call-in Time: 3s | Uses: Unlimited | Cooldown Time: 480s


RS-422 Railgun: Imagine the precision of a sniper rifle with the punch of a cannon. The Railgun is all about delivering devastating blows through enemy armor. It requires a charge-up between shots, making timing crucial, but the payoff is massive damage that can change the tide of an encounter.

Call-in Time: 3s | Uses: Unlimited | Cooldown Time: 480s


GL-21 Grenade Launcher: This tool of destruction excels in flushing enemies out of cover and dealing splash damage to groups. It's not designed for direct confrontations with armored vehicles or fortified positions but shines against infantry and light-armored targets. Proper aim and trajectory calculation are key to maximizing its effectiveness.

Call-in Time: 3s | Uses: Unlimited | Cooldown Time: 480s




G-12 High Explosive: These grenades offer high damage with the former allowing for strategic placement and the latter providing immediate detonation upon impact. Ideal for quickly adapting to battlefield conditions, whether laying traps or responding to sudden 

Damage: 400 | Penetration: 004 | Outer Radius: 007 | Fuse Time: 3.5s


G-16 Impact: Detonates on impact, combining the effectiveness of high explosives with immediate results.

Damage: 400 | Penetration: 004 | Outer Radius: 007 | Fuse Time: 0.0s


G-10 Incendiary: This area denial tool creates zones of persistent damage, effective for controlling enemy movements and flushing adversaries

Damage: 150 | Penetration: 003 | Outer Radius: 007 | Fuse Time: 2.9s


Choosing the right weapon in Helldivers 2 boils down to your mission, playstyle, and the team's needs. The versatility of the game's arsenal allows for a wide range of tactics and strategies, ensuring no two missions feel the same. Whether you prefer the brute force approach, precision strikes, or supporting your team with covering fire and strategic advantages, there's a weapon for every situation.