Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord No Troops Requirement for most quests v1.0.1

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Tired of the minimum troop requirement needed when taking a new quest? Just want to enjoy a one-man army or a companion-only walkthrough? Then this is the mod you've been looking for!




This mod changes the troop requirement for all the quests (not including mod one if you have any mod quest installed, only works in base game quests)


How does it work?: All I did was to change the quest coding in the "TaleWorldsCampaignSystem.dll" to ignore player troops requirement. Now you'll only need 1 troop for all the quests (Take note if the player is wounded you are consider 0 troop and therefore can't take any quest until you are healthy for battle)




You cannot install this mod like the usual bannerlord mod, the installation way is different. 


First: You'll need to go to the game file and make a backup (copy and paste it to your desired location) of the "TalesWorldsCampaignSystem.dll" file, it should located at : (YourGameFolder)\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client




My game is from GOG so it will be C:\GOG Games\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client


After you make a backup, extract the zip file you download from here and place it at the same place again. (Replace the original file if asked) PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU DO THIS


and that's it! The mod is installed and good to go! The mod is save game compatible, but make sure you finish all the quest list down below first before you install.


All known quest changes in detail: 


"Landlord Needs Access to the Commons"               minimum troop requirement from 10 to 1


"Army of Poachers"                                               minimum troop requirement from 15 to 1


"Revenue Farming"       minimum troop requirement from 40 to 1     Please read Known Issue below for more info on this quest.


"Landowner Needs Help With Brigands"    minimum troop requirement from 5 to 1


"Lieutenant's Revolt"                                                             minimum troop requirement from 50 to 1


"Extortion by Deserters"                                                       minimum troop requirement from 20 to 1


"Escort Merchant Caravan"                                                  minimum troop requirement from 20 to 1 


"Caravan Ambush"                                                                minimum troop requirement from 20 to 1


V1.0.1 Update added a new quest changes:


"Capture a Lord"   minimum troop requirement from 50 to 1


I only tested the game in 1.2.8 version with 3 quest so far, "Cavaran Ambush", "Army of Poachers" and "Escort Merchant Cavaran". It all works perfectly


 If you find any crashes, remove the mod and put your back up .dll file back to check whether is this mod causing crashes. If you change back your .dll file back to normal and still crashes then it's not the mod faults. 





The quest "Rival Gang Moving In" still require at least 5 troops in your party. I tried to modify this in the code but I can't even find the quest in the coding so far. Is weird, and I have done all I could. I'm sorry if this causes dissatisfaction.


The quest "Revenue Farming" can be accepted when you are alone/under base troop requirement, but when you try to collect the tax money from villages it still need at least 20 troops count. This is hard coded in the coding and I cannot make changes, I'm sorry if this causes dissatisfaction.

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