Napoleon: Total War Bismark Total War Mod v2.1

Napoleon: Total War Bismark Total War Mod v2.1

In this mod you will find the ultimate Victorian warfare experience. With more than 15 factions, +700 units, 40 different types of artillery, 12 infantry guns and much more, variety is at hand in this mod.


Play massive battles with more than 40.000 men in the field or participate in Grand Campaigns outside the game played in real time with more than 30 players involved. There is much to be played in this mod. We also have a elo system made to rate the skill of the players in our mod.

This is a Multiplayer mod, so it is highly recommended to join our Discord server:

Taking into account the online focus of the mod, do not expect the in-game campaign to be reworked.

Here you can find a guide for the features of the mod:

Note that uniforms are not yet completed since we don't have our own assets. This mod was started in December 2023, so it's quite young yet. Keep in mind that uniforms will be updated, but for now, we are currently using vanilla assets to create our uniforms.

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