Odyssey 1.2 Full

Odyssey 1.2 Full

This mod makes the game a little bit easier for hidden long range fighters but it also makes the game strongly harder for melee warriors to provide the greatest challenges. It gives you the ability to level quickly up to the maximal level twenty five without waiting a huge number of hours to build your characters. For balancing, each new level gives you the opportunity to upgrage three skills of you choice, independently of your skill uses, with only one point for each skill. The two best base attributes of all playable races are increased by twenty five points, then the beginning is very easy. Remember that your enemies of these same races also benefit of this upgrade, making them more powerful. Each new level makes the game harder. All depends of the choices you made to build your characters. Obviously, a cameleon sneak archer does see the difference without crosshair, but a light armored fists fighter is harder to play.


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