Realistic Rebalancing Mod v1.8.1 Full

Realistic Rebalancing Mod v1.8.1 Full

This mod fixes a lot of bugs and typos, reworks all weapons and items and adds plenty of improvements, much like a community patch. It fixes all the stuff that annoyed me in the vanilla game, such as Glock having 25m range and FAMAS assault rifle having only 23m range. All guns are more realistic and perfectly balanced. i took extra care to make sure the weapon changes dont affect gameplay in any negative way. The ACTUAL ACCURACY of each gun has been added to the weapon description, among other useful info (weapon class, restrictions). The guard mode works more reliably, the accuracy penalty for standing/crouching stance has been reduced and mercs can get more levelups before they reach the levelcap. Traders have much more items for sale (weapons, pants, boots) and 32 new weapons have been added to the campaign, including DLC weapons (G36, AK-74, Kriss VECTOR, F2000...). Many errors have been corrected (eg Ak47 is using 7.62mm instead of 5.45mm).

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