Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Truth Empire: New Nation Mod v1

I'm Sol and I'm a fan of the game Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. I created a new nation, the Truth Empire. This faction mainly consists of LOGOS. Wikipedia: En.wikipedia.org. It borrows the gameplay style of the Cuotl mixed with some Vinci features. Basically, I just took the units and buildings (not used in the multiplayer) in the game and tweaked and renamed them using the Logos.


The heroes for this empire consist of Love, Hope and Faith. The master unit is a wild moon gorilla called Fervor who's skill includes "Holy SH!T" - to poop luminous explosives. You will also find new skills created by enhancing and combining original skills in the craftrules. The Truth Empire is generally stronger and is also designed to play against toughest AIs of original nations.

The AI for the new nation, Truth, is also implemented in the Quick Battle. You can learn how to play the faction by exploring its features in game. Or setting the "Help Message Detail" to max:

  1. During the game, Press Esc
  2. On the Game Menu, select User Options
  3. On the Game tab, set the "Help Message Detail" to max


The units are as follows:

Honesty (Fallen Sentinels) - Standard infantry units. Generates timonium upon death. Has a skill that makes them untargetable for a short time.

Courage (Fallen Jaguar) - Fast-moving mechanized cats that can turn invisible and explodes upon death.

Brave (Hybrid Clockwork Man) - Posseses enemy unit upon death. Can become tougher for a short time.

Discipline (Fire Elemental) - Heals when injured by siphoning enemy energy with each attack.

Kindness (Kuk Fighter Bomber) - Transforms into a radiant spirit upon death.

Gratitude (Fallen Priest) - Teleportation. Self Healing. Gracious Raygun.

Grace (Sun Cannon) - Flying siege unit that generates energy with each attack.

Justice (Sun Idol) - Releases a mysterious light orb upon death. The orb is capable of burning enemy units.

Generosity (Magic Wind) - Large Mysterious Flying Light Ball with swirling blades.

Joy (Fallen Warriors) - Melee soldier unit.

Happy (Death Sphere) - Inflicts Sadness to enemy units.

Fervor (Moon Gorilla) - poops explosive luminous trap.

Wisdom (Eagle Bomber) - Spawns for every city conquered.

Gallant (Fallen Idol) - Spawns per Foundation built.

Serendipity (Death Gate) - Pulls enemy units to be immobilized and receive devastating stomps and melee attack.

Charity (Miner) - Truth empire's Timonium gatherer.

Spirit Healer (Fallen Snake) - Replaces the Holy Ark later in the game.

Injustice Counter (Cuotl Caravan) - A moving bomb.

Units or Logos that travel around the map to help in gathering resources include Diligence, Blessing, Harmony, Prosperity, Miracle, Confidence, Clarity, Compassion.

Truth Buildings are as follows:

Gem Caverns of Angelfire (Fallen Refuge) - Mine

Fort Phantasmagoria (Fane) - Barracks. Creates ground units.

Skybreaker Skyport (Temple) - Creates flying units.

Monolith of Righteousness (Sanctuary) - Creates siege units.

Heartguard (Turret) - Defense Tower.

Foundation (Reliquary) - Acts as a research lab. Can upgrade into many unique types of building.

Kindness Sanctuary (Spirit Stones) - Comes with tech that makes heroes tougher.

Peace Abbey (Turret) - Super Defense Tower.

Joy Fortress (Crypt of Knowledge) - Training station for Joy, Happy, and Fervor.

Benevolence Palace (Cuotl Merchant District) - Heals nearby units. Celestial Emanation Buff.

Gratitude Haven (Dish Power Node) - Access to Truth Empire's Most Awesome Developments.

Harmony Keep (Idol) - Calculator. Timonium Gifts. Research Points.

Abundance Citadel (Oasis) - Magnifies the timonium and energy resources available.

Optimism Tower (Cuotl Capital District) - Increases production speed. Spawns Spirit Healer and Injustice Counter. Stores timonium.

It is designed to be fun for people who:

  1. Like to see "new" skills. ;-)
  2. Like to see a moon gorilla poop explosives.
  3. Like to see some Vinci features implemented on a Cuotl gameplay.
  4. Like to see new AI faction in the battlefield.
  5. Like to uplift their inner self or their spirit (Psychological).

NOTE: You need to patch your game so that it's version is "0.0704.1001.0000.13.0". You will find the instructions and the patch here: Rol.heavengames.com

This mod also comes with modder00's New Nation, Neo Miana, which you can find here: Rol.heavengames.com


  1. Back up your Data, Maps, and Rules folder.
  2. Unzip the downloaded rar (containing Data, rules, and maps folders) into the original game directory


How to play:

  1. Open your Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends game.
  2. Click "Options and Extras"
  3. Click "Utilities and Information"
  4. Click "Scenario Editor"
  5. Under the "Directory", click the drop down menu
  6. Select "Multiplayer"
  7. Choose a map you want to make the new nation available (Ex. Northland Flurry)
  8. Find and Click "Map Properties Tool"
  9. Find and Click "Game Settings"
  10. Click "Manage Nations"
  11. Under Custom Nations, find "Truth" and check its box and click OK
  12. Click "Playable"
  13. Under Custom Nations, find "Truth" and check its box and click OK
  14. Click "File"
  15. Click "Save" or Ctrl+S
  16. Click Exit
  17. Click "Quick Battle"
  18. Click "Change Map"
  19. Find and Click the map you added the new nation into (Ex. Northland Flurry)
  20. Set the Difficulty of the AI (Easy, Default, Moderate, Tough, Tougher, Toughest)
  21. Click the Random drop down menu and you should see and click the Green Icon with "Truth" beside it


Another new 8-player map East Conflict (based on modder00's Northland Wilderness) is also added but is just a normal map without quests.

Additional note:
The game usually lasts very long for the new bonus maps as it is designed to be so, and it will crash in the unpatched version of the game. To patch the game to fix the crashing:

  1. Make sure the game is with the latest official patch. The version number should be "0.0704.1001.0000.13.0"
  2. Back up legends.exe in the game directory.
  3. Download "apply_patch.exe" and "fix_diff.txt" from here: Github.com
  4. Place the two downloaded files in the game directory.
  5. Run "apply_patch.exe"


There are other crashing bugs in the game with unknown reason but none of them occurs very often. With the above fix most of the games should stop crashing.

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