Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption - Phoenix Rising v1.1


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If you had the power to stop tyranny, would you? Or would you crush those who threaten the peace? Phoenix Rising brings you to the waning days of the Republic and gives you that choice. Help the Galactic Empire to bring order to the galaxy, or aid the Rebel Alliance in its struggle for freedom. Command your armies and navies in an accurate and captivating depiction of battle. Highly technical readouts allow for instantaneous ascertainment of individual unit strengths and weaknesses in eight statistical categories. Deploy your forces where they are most advantageous to excel in combat. But to win the war, you must master not only strategy, but technology. Direct the greatest minds of a generation to propel your war effort forward by researching innovative new designs, or by improving old ones. The asynchronous tech tree allows you to choose in which areas you would like to specialize without forcing the research of all. You decide how the galaxy will emerge from the Clone Wars...

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