Stardew Valley Auto Trasher Mod V1.0

Stardew Valley

Auto Trasher is an open-source mod for Stardew Valley that allows players to automatically send unwanted items to their trash bin.


This mod allows users to specify items that they would like to automatically send to their trash bin as soon as the item enters their inventory.


  • ToggleTrasherKeybind

    • Keybind(s) to toggle the Auto Trasher functionality
    • Default: LeftAlt + R, RightAlt + R
  • OpenTrashMenuKeybind

    • Keybind(s) used to open the Trash List Management menu
    • Default: LeftAlt + L, RightAlt + L
  • AddTrashKeybind

    • Keybind(s) used to add an item to the Trash List

      • Note: You must have the item that you want to add selected in the inventory menu when using this keybind
    • Default: LeftAlt + X, RightAlt + X
  • TrashList

    • List of Object Ids that will be automatically sent to the trash whenever they enter your inventory

      • Note: The Auto Trasher only works with Object type items from the Data\Objects data file
      • Note: This option will not appear in Generic Mod Config Menu, and is instead managed via the Trash List Menu and Add Trash Keybind
    • Default: [ "168", "169", "170", "171", "172", "747", "748" ]

      • Note: This list equates to [ Trash, Driftwood, Broken Glasses, Broken CD, Soggy Newspaper, Rotten Plant, Rotten Plant ]


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Install this mod by unzipping the mod folder into 'Stardew Valley/Mods'
  3. Launch the game using SMAPI



  • Compatible with...

    • Stardew Valley 1.6 or later
    • SMAPI 4.0.0 or later
  • No known mod conflicts

Solo + Multiplayer

  • This mod is player specific, each player that wants to utilize it must have it installed.

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