Starfield Rotated Engines Mod v1.4

Starfield Rotated Engines Mod v1.4 Starfield Rotated Engines Mod v1.4

Rotated versions of all the vanilla Engines

I created rotations of all the engines. Some were simple vertical rotations with some added snap points; others were 6 additional variations (White Dwarf 2000 on the frontier). Some were very tricky, some were very simple; however, I believe I rotated them all. It is a little difficult to rotate horizontal parts into a vertical orientation and have everything line up. A 1x1x1 component is 8m wide, 8m long, but only 3.5m tall. Why did they do that?! 4m tall would make everything line up perfectly!

No additional ba2 files for this one. Everything was done using the original files in the Starfield ESM. I tested this ESM along with my Rotated LandingGear ESM and everything is working together. I am not sure if there will be conflicts with other mods that also add ship parts and rotations. This was a full size ESM because it went over the limit for a small size ESM.

There are apparently some conflicts with other mods that do the same; such as BetterShipPartFlips and SMSEX.

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