Watch Dogs v1.01 (+30 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Watch Dogs v1.01 (+30 Trainer) [Aleksander D] Watch Dogs v1.01 (+30 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Watch Dogs v1.01 (+30 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Text file description:

Watch_Dogs v1.0.1 Plus 30 Trainer
HOME ~ Activate Cheats
NumPad 1 ~ Immortality
NumPad 2 ~ without reloading
NumPad 3 ~ Infinite Ammo
NumPad 4 ~ Infinite Money
NumPad 5 ~ Infinite Points Improvements
NumPad 6 ~ Infinite Battery
NumPad 7 ~ Invisibility in Missions
NumPad 8 ~ Infinite Focus
NumPad 9 ~ Immortal Car Player
NumPad 0 ~ Maximum Reputation
NumPad / ~ Maximum Experience
NumPad * ~ Max Player Level
Numpad + ~ Accelerate Time
Numpad - ~ Slow Time
Numpad. ~ Kills with one shot
End ~ undetectable for Police
Page Up ~ Break the All Machines
Page Down ~ Infinite Energy Tank Spider
Delete ~ Freeze Timer in NVZN
Insert ~ Freeze Timer in Cash Run
F1 ~ Low Level Tracing
F2 ~ Extra Time Mode DT
F3 ~ Save position
F4 ~ Teleport
F5 ~ Undo Teleportation
F6 ~ Teleport to a custom label
F7 ~ Teleport to the label on the Machine
F8 ~ teleport coordinates gunpoint
F9 ~ Infinite Time Hack
F10 ~ Big Player
F11 ~ Small Player
F12 ~ Freeze Timer in Missions
Aleksander D

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