3dfx Announces VoodooTV

3dfx Interactive® Inc. today announced it is rapidly finalizing the development of its ground-breaking VoodooTV™ 100 PCI, VoodooTV 200 and VoodooTV-FM™ (PAL version for Europe), the first in a family of leading-edge multimedia products from a global leader in 3D graphics accelerators. VoodooTV 200 and VoodooTV-FM are the first products to introduce solid state "tuner on a chip" technology to the PC. These computer entertainment solutions elevate computers from mere tools of productivity to multitasking appliances. VoodooTV products make computing more fun, intriguing and engaging by adding functionality like improved channel management and stereo capabilities, .MP3 encode capabilities and enhanced digital video recording power.

VoodooTV 200 is a complete multimedia entertainment and recording center on a single add-in board. VoodooTV 200 features include a stereo TV signal, MPEG capture, digital VCR, .MP3 encoding and stereo FM radio reception. The latest craze is to record music into .MP3 formatted files. Users can now record their favorite tunes from FM broadcasts using the VoodooTV 200 and VoodooTV-FM .MP3 encoding feature, a technology enhancement by Intervideo. Other leading-edge technology features include NTSC/PAL support, and full compatibility with Windows 95, 98, 98SE and 98ME.

VoodooTV 100 brings basic mono TV functionality to the desktop for that someone who just wants the basics. Moreover, busy, on-the-go executives can now participate with ease on Internet video conferencing meetings. With fast channel access, worldwide application support and a digital VCR option, consumers can now simultaneously watch their favorite TV shows whether web surfing, crunching numbers or polishing off the final details of a proposal. TV entertainment on a PC is literally one mouse click away.

For under $100-VoodooTV 100 PCI, $69, and VoodooTV 200 PCI, $99-3dfx's VoodooTV multimedia solutions bring consumers functionality that enhances the television viewing experience instantly. Product is expected to be available as early as October 17, 2000. For a complete list of worldwide retail chains and e-tailers where VoodooTV products are sold, please visit our website at www.3dfx.com/VoodooTV .

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