Activision Trial Hints at Next Gen Release Schedule

Activision Trial Hints at Next Gen Release Schedule

The ongoing trial between Activision and ex Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West, has brought to light the forecast for future Activision and Bungie titles on next-generation systems.

The publishing deal between the pair, made in 2010, planned for several titles under the Destiny banner. The first known as Destiny Games 1, was scheduled for a fall 2013 release, supporting both the Xbox 360 and Xbox 720. It doesn't however detail whether this is simple backwards compatibility on the next-gen Xbox, or if there will be two separate products.

The second in the line up is a DLC expansion codenamed Comet 1, with a projected release date towards the end of 2014. This title is also said to be playable on both machines, suggesting Microsoft plans an extended support of its current gen system.

Perhaps most surprisingly though, there were no plans in the documents for a game to launch on the PS4 until sometime in 2016, with the majority of the intermediate titles only being made for the PS3.

This could suggest that the PlayStation 4/Orbis won't be released until that time, but we do know that Destiny 1 is planned as an Xbox exclusive. Considering its intended launch time, it would make sense for it to be a Xbox 720 launch title.