Age of Empires IV May Get Launch Date Announcement on April 10

Age of Empires IV may be revealed on an upcoming April 10th event, according to a new rumor about the long-in-development Microsoft title. The sequel to the somewhat successful Age of Empires, and decades-long-lauded Age of Empires 2, the fourth game in the franchise is hotly anticipated for updating the visuals of the game, and expanding its original genre-defining experience to include much greater emphasis on siege warfare.

Other modifications to the Age of Empires gameplay formula include a greater focus on terrain and how it can effect combat, tactics, and strategic actions, much larger and more open battlefields, and the ability to better garrison buildings with mountable walls and towers.

Not much has been seen since Relic and Microsoft revealed some basic gameplay elements in 2020, but it's expected to make its official release in 2021. With a planned April 10 "Age of Empires Day," we may well find out the final release at that time.

What would you like to see in the upcoming RTS?

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