AMD 1900+ Price Cuts Coming Soon

AMD must, by now, feature in every Intel executive's nightmare. And for good reasons too. AMD has decided to unleash hell+ on its arch rival.
October 29th just one day after Intel will proceed with price cuts on their processor range, AMD will also cut the prices of its recently introduced Athlon XP range.

As if this wasn't enough, the new Athlon XP 1900+ (1.6 GHz) will arrive in time for the holiday season.
The 0.18 micron range will be completed by two more processors (expected at 1.667GHz and 1.733GHz early in 2002) even though no one seems to know what their new-style code numbers will be.
Q1 of 2002 will also see the release of the new 0.13 micron range, code named thoroughbred clocking at 1.733 GHz. This will be followed by the 1.8 GHz model in Q2 2002.

The prices of the new XP range:

XP 1500+ original price (10/9/01) $130 New Price (29/10/01) $115

XP 1600+ original price (10/9/01) $160 New Price (29/10/01) $124

XP 1700+ original price (10/9/01) $190 New Price (29/10/01) $152

XP 1800+ original price (10/9/01) $252 New Price (29/10/01) $210

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