AMD Fx-8150 CPU Scores 8GHZ+ Record Breaking Overclock

A new overclocking record has been reached with AMD's FX-8150 chip, by a user on the Overclockzone forums known as Ksin. The result has been CPUZ validated, suggesting that this is a legitimate OC.

Performed using liquid nitrogen as its coolant to keep the CPU at very sub zero temperatures, the eight core Zambezi chip went all the way up to 8.8056Ghz. It achieved this with a bus speed of 303.64Mhz and a multiplier of 29. The required core voltage was quite monstrous, sitting at 1.86v.

Other hardware used as part of the record breaking overclock include an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard, twinned with 4GB of Dual Channel DDR3 from A-DATA and an AMD Radeon 7900 series graphics card.

While Intel might still hold the overall performance crown, when it comes to raw clock power, AMD certainly comes out on top. This has made the company's chips the darling of overclockers around the world, showing there is a market for them despite the fact that the series looked doomed to failure when first revealed under the Bulldozer banner.

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