AMD lays out road map to 2024

If you might buy a new CPU or graphics card in the next couple of years, you'll probably at least consider what AMD has to offer. You should too, as AMD has a lot of exciting hardware lined up, according to its new CPU and GPU roadmaps that run right through until 2024.

As it stands, AMD is building up to a late 2022 launch of its Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPUs built on the new 5nm process. RDNA 3 is coming before the end of the year, too, and will also drop to 5nm and introduce big efficiency and performance improvements, reportedly delivering another 50% or more improvement to performance per watt over RDNA 2, a new chiplet design, optimized graphics pipeline, a new infinity cache, and a redesigned compute unit.

It's all very exciting, but that's not all AMD has planned. Moving beyond RDNA 3, we'll see RDNA 4 in 2024 on a new "Advanced node," which is quite likely to be TSMC's 3nm node, with the 4nm one reserved for laptop refreshes in 2023.

On the CPU front there are a few more steps on the journey. Zen 4 will be followed by Zen 4 VCache in 2023, likely securing or stealing the gaming performance crown in the process. Zen 4C will also follow, though will be targeted at servers with greater core counts.

Zen 5 will follow in 2024 on 4nm, followed by Zen 5 VCache for better gaming performance, possibly on 3nm. It's an intriguing tick-tock cycle AMD is employing that looks set to keep it on top of any major industry shifts for years to come.

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