AMD Radeon 12.11 Drivers to Boost Performance

Radeon Cards

While AMD is moving away from the desktop game to focus its efforts into smaller form factors over the next decade, the driver team for the Radeon graphics cards is still beavering away to keep people buying the GPUs. To that end, the next release, pegged as 12.11 (November 2012), will apparently bring some nice performance boosts.

At 1080p resolutions, you can expect to see the following performance increase:

  • Battlefield 3 will get a near 30% boost on 7970s
  • Skyrim will improve around 4% on 7870s
  • Most lower end cards will see a 10% frame rate improvement in games like Starcraft

While AMD doesn't have the performance crown right now, after Nvidia's latest leapfrog, it is maintaining a reasonable price/performance ratio, which has been the AMD selling point for years now. However its graphics cards are receiving another push through its bundles, with the recent announcement that the GPUs will also come with three AAA games: Sleeping Dogs, Dishonoured, Farcry 3 - representing a far more contemporary bundle than what most cards come with.

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