AMD Radeon RX 6950XT, 6750XT, 6650XT early listings appear online

Some early listings for AMD's refresh of its RDNA2 generation graphics cards have appeared online. These GPUs are the 6950XT, 6750XT, and 6650XT, and though they aren't likely to offer a massive uptick in overall performance, they should help tide everyone over until the next-generation GPUs launch from both AMD and Nvidia later this year.

AMD's RDNA 2 GPUs have been exciting, but largely difficult to get hold of since launch. Price gouging and lack of stock mean they're still criminally underrepresented in the overall GPU landscape, and though that isn't likely to change with a some minor GPU refreshes, new cards means new stock, at least a little. That in itself is exciting, but the potential for some newly crowned value and performance kings is worth taking note of too.

The 6950XT is expected to effectively be an aircooled version of the 6900XT liquid that we've seen from some third party manufacturers, featuring 18Gbps memory and not much else to differentiate it from its more typical 6900 XT counterparts. It'll have a 300W TDP, and may feature slightly higher overclocking headroom on the core, but there's nothing nailed down just yet. Early pricing suggests it will be over $1,000 per card at MSRP, though even with prices down to more reasonable levels at the moment, new, rarer cards are likely to go for a premium.

Performance improvements may be more dramatic further down the product stack. The 6750XT will have the same 18Gbps memory, which may make more of a difference when enhancing the 12GB on the typical 6700 XT. The 6750XT could see a nice bump from the bandwidth improvement too, though it's not yet clear by how much.

Now they're appearing on some retailer websites, look out for these cards to debut in the coming weeks.

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