AMD Is Rebranding HD 7xxx To HD 8xxx For OEMs

Lenovo's Erazer X700 PC has garnered some attention for sporting a Radeon HD 8950 GPU that doesn’t belong to the AMD’s latest Radeon HD 7xxx series.

Unfortunately, our investigation revealed that the Radeon HD 8950 is nothing more than rebranding for AMD’s existing Radeon HD 7950 graphics card. According to the graphics cards options for OEM page on AMD’s website, other rebrands include rebranding the HD 7970 GE to HD 8970 and HD 7870 to HD 8870 in addition to six other less powerful cards.

The 8xxx numbering is reserved to OEMs only, but it is not reflected the cards’ performance or power consumption. We might be too conservative, but this feels like a way to cheat consumers into believing that those PCs offer superior graphics performance to non-OEM ones with the exact same cards.

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