AMD Ryzen 3000 16-core engineering sample specs leaked

Excited for AMD's upcoming Ryzen 3000 generation of CPUs? So are we, which is why the newly leaked specifications for an engineering sample of the flagship 16-core chip have us so excited. According to regular Twitter leaker, the Zen 2 engineering chip has 16 cores and operates on the x570 motherboard. Its frequencies are said to be 3.3GHz at base, and 4.2GHz when boosted.

Concerned? Disappointed? Don't be. Engineering samples are typically clocked much lower than their eventual release counterparts. But even if it's not, even if we're only looking at a difference of say, 300MHz, and this is a sub-$500 16-core CPU that can boost to 4.5GHz that could give Intel a lot of trouble and be more capable than a Threadripper 2950X — which is an $800 CPU at this time.

Consider too, that Zen 2 will have an increase in instructions per clock over Zen 1 by up to 15 percent, which would make this chip equivalent of a Threadripper 1950X running in excess of 5GHz on all cores. That's huge.

Also of interest is one of the replies to APISAK's statement. AdoredTV, another big leaker based on YouTuber, claims that this is the top multicore CPU AMD is offering in the new Ryzen lineup, but that the real powerhouse is the 12 core part. That one, he claims, can hit huge frequencies, suggesting that anyone hoping for just "4.5GHz when boosted will be pleasantly surprised."

It seems more and more likely that the new-gen CPUs from AMD are going to be absolute monsters. 5GHz seems likely to be within reach, if not at base frequencies, then for sure with some overclocking.

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