Asus' new gaming monitor tops 500Hz

The top gaming monitor in the world is about to get a lot faster. Following on from the ridiculousness of 360Hz models, Asus ROG is amping things up to 11 with the release of a truly absurd 500Hz gaming monitor. This new "E-TN" (Esports TV) panel is targeting professional and seriously competitive gamers, promising the fastest gaming display technology the world has yet seen.

Monitor refresh rates have become the big selling point for gaming in recent years, so much so that even TVs got in on the act with 120Hz models releasing alongside the launch of new consoles. But monitors are way ahead of the curve. Following 240Hz, 300Hz, and more recently 360Hz models, Asus has now gone to new heights with its Asus ROG 500Hz monitor, which also packs Nvidia G-Sync technology and supports Nvidia's Reflex Analyzer.

Although 500Hz isn't going to give you much of an advantage over a 300Hz screen, it will still be notably faster than a 240Hz, and certainly a 120Hz display. It's still only talking a few milliseconds, but when every millisecond counts, this kind of technology can help. It'll also likely end up used in competitive play, helping to level the playing field and ensure that gamers can play as fast as humanely possible, making for ever more exciting gameplay moments.

There's no price tag for this monitor yet, but at 24-inch and 1080p, it's unlikely to be stupendously high, even i fit will cost a lot more than your average 1080p display in 2022.

Look out for this monitor to launch later this year.

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