British Supermarket Leaks Next Call of Duty Boxart

Ghosts Ghosts

British Supermarket giant Tesco, looks to have let slip the title and box art of the next instalment in the Call of Duty Franchise. It's called Ghosts and will - as you would expect - debut on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The listings for the Xbox and PS3 versions were very quickly pulled from the Tesco website, but the damage was done when screenshots began appearing online - and now it's debuting here too.

While we of course haven't had confirmation from Activision or Infinity Ward about whether this is legitemate box art and whether the next game is indeed called Ghosts, we have heard rumours about this before. Youtube user Drift0r hinted back in March that the next game would be called ghosts along with a few other details.

Apparently the game will branch away from the Modern Warfare setting and will instead be based in the future, though there will be a reason we're still using modern weaponry. Entry into a multiplayer map will be dynamic and it sounds like IW might have borrowed the sliding mechanic from the Esports FPS rival, Warface, adding that to the MP arsenal.

Chances are we'll see this game on the Xbox and PS4 consoles too.

However we won't have any confirmation on these details for a short while yet. Activision is due to make an announcement in early May, so keep your ears open around then.