Company of Heroes III North Africa gameplay looks excellent

The North African campaign for upcoming WWII real time strategy game, Company of Heroes III, looks fantastic in its new trailer, highlighting some of the new elements commanders will need to consider in the next-gen strategy title, as well as the way this more traditional RTS campaign blends in with the newer, grander scope campaign map.

Company of Heroes III will borrow from the recent successes of Total War to offer a grand-war-scale invasion of Italy by the Allies, but that's not all. The North African campaign will complement that larger campaign with more bespoke missions that focus on tactical unit handling, rather than strategic management and handling. It will feel familiar to fans of previous Company of Heroes games and older strategy titles, but it will still have a few new wrinkles to keep things interesting.

You'll need to contend with both the Wehrmacht and its blitzing units, as well as the environment itself. Sand, rocks, storms, and damaged vehicles will be a problem, and you'll need to maintain your armaments or face losing the war of attrition. There are dedicated repair units which can ride on tanks, and repair vehicles which can salvage and repair wrecked vehicles, but they are extremely fragile.

There are new tanks, new heavy guns that must be towed into battle, and new kinds of infantry too. Directional armor makes managing your tanks difficult and important, and the whole game looks better than any of its predecessors thanks to a major graphical upgrade.

Look out for Company of Heroes III to launch on PC on November 17, with expansions planned throughout 2023.

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