Crytek CEO: 3D Will Become An Industry Standard

Crytek CEO: 3D Will Become An Industry Standard

Gamers and game developers are still divided on the importance of 3D vision for games, but Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli, is pretty confident that it will become an industry standard in the near future.

"I'm quite sure over the years it will become standard. 3D entertainment is inevitable. It will come, and the key solution will be if it's easy for the eyes," he said.

"We have been working with 3D for a while. We know the nuances and details, and our approach of concave 3D makes the game ultimately very accessible."

Yerli then acknowledged that the eye stress caused by the current stereoscopic 3D technology is a major hindrance to consumer adoption of the 3D games. "If it's a challenge for the eyes, people won't like it," he admitted. "But we are trying to make a game that is hours of 3D, and you can judge it yourself. You've seen how easy it is for the eyes, and for me it's critical that people understand we are not naïve when it comes to 3D."

Crytek has promised that all future Crysis games will be playable in 3D.