Crytek CEO: Next Generation Of Consoles Is The Last

Crytek CEO: Next Generation Of Consoles Is The Last

Contrary to the popular and everlasting prophecy that PC gaming is dying chronically, Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli believes that console are the real dying breed.

"The console will displace the PC, you hear it again and again. On the contrary, I suspect that the next-generation of home consoles will be the last one," Yerli told German site Golem.

"Of course there are still hardcore gamers who sit for an hour to install and then play for eight hours. But these consumers are becoming the minority. Today's gamers buy a game for 99 cents, download it and play it for 15 to 20 minutes per day over a period of two months - and then they move on."

Yerli also confirmed that Crytek already has a Wii U version of its famous CryEngine and that its licensees are already creating games for the upcoming Nintendo console. However, he affirmed that Crytek has no intention to develop any games for Wii U or PlayStation Vita.

"The Playstation Vita is currently too uncertain for us as a platform" he explained. "Technically, I find the Vita very appealing, and have fun with it - no question. From a business perspective it is a bit too late."