Crytek Explains Crysis Delay

Crytek Explains Crysis Delay Crytek Explains Crysis Delay

PC gaming fans were disappointed to find out that the much anticipated Crysis title had been pushed back to EA's next financial year, beginning April 2007, so Crytek boss, Cevat Yerli has rushed to explain.

The statement released by Crytek does not provide an exact release date but states that the game will release, ...a little later than planned. The Crytek CEO goes on to explain, Taking the extra time in the studio is the right decision because it helps us be sure that we can bring you the experience you expect from this new game. It appears that one of the major reasons for the delay may be the need to make Crysis playable in non DX10 systems and, the widest variety of PC configs, starting from entry-level PC's up to the hard-core game rigs. The second major reason behind the delay, it appears, is that nemesis of the punctual developer; multiplayer. Mr. Yerli makes things clearer by stating, Multiplayer is also an area of big focus for us right now, and we listened very hard to our fans. This includes the post-launch modding and community plans. Crysis' core single player is improving all the time - the progress I am seeing from the team right now here in Frankfurt is just staggering.

It is not yet clear when Crysis will ship but given Mr. Yerli's comments it would seem that a late spring 2007 release may be a realistic target for the game.