Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas

Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas Crytek Wishes You Maximum Christmas

Despite the game's weak sales, Crytek prepared a little Christmas present for Crysis fans.

For a few months, Crysis Level Designers have been working on "Crysis Tournament Mappack".

The package includes 5 brand new multiplayer maps for Crysis. All of them have been tested by Crytek's QA department and the professional Crysis teams.
Following maps are included:

PowerStruggle - Desolation
Location: Henderson Island, Pitcairn Islands. Under North Korean domination.
Description: The long deserted colony of the Pitcairn Islands was one of the last crash sites to be discovered. The KPA reached the area first and set up a base amid the swampy wasteland.

PowerStruggle - Crossroads
Location: Pescadores, West of Taiwan. Under North Korean occupation
Description: nCaught between two hostile nations, the tight forested roads and tracks of the Pescadores are better suited to infantry than vehicles.

PowerStruggle - Training
Location: Namu Atol, Marshall Islands. Under US control.
Description: The Marshall Islands provide the perfect platform for new recruits to learn the skills required to be the ultimate nano-warrior. Here on this tiny atoll the small, but expertly designed, training area provides everything a budding soldier needs.

InstantAction - Excavation
Location: Pago Pago, American Samoa.
Description: Under US control. An American stronghold, and location of one of the most valuable research sites so far discovered, the Koreans stole a march on the Americans to set up a surprise forward attack base.

InstantAction - Terminal
Location: Moorea, French Polynesia.
Description: An old military railway terminal has been converted into a multi-zone training facility. Rooftops are critical to maintaining dominance over the immediate combat area. Multiple advanced weapons have been hidden around the engagement area to facilitate field response to rapidly changing conditions.

In addition to the map pack Crytek will also provide a bunch of new tutorials about the Sandbox2 Editor and its capabilities. They are going to be released within the upcoming days.