Custom Sea of Thieves Xbox controller is a thing of beauty

'Ar mateys, are ye ready for some pirating on the high seas? With Rare's Sea of Thieves set to release in just a few month's time, what better way to make sure you're ready than grabbing one of the stunning new Sea of Thieves Xbox One controllers, with a unique paintjob and translucent plastic that gives you a bit of a look at its internals, it's one of the best looking Xbox One gamepads we've seen in quite some time.

Custom controllers for specific games aren't always great and they are rarely worth getting -- a paintjob is unlikely to really make you want to spend even more on a controller. But then again, if you find one that really catches your fancy, especially if you like having a talking point among gaming friends, something like the new Sea of Thieves gamepad could be a good choice.

The controller itself has a deep, rich purple as its base color, with some smatterings of green in a moldy, scurvy fashion. That's complemented by nautical artwork like a compass heading around the left thumbstick, a skull in the center of the controller, and an imprint of some clashing, skeletal unicorns on the rear battery compartment.

The green elements on the design glow in the dark, making it easier to find the gamepad when the lights are off, and it has a textured grip for some minor functional improvement over the base controller design.

Set to release on February 6, the Sea of Thieves controller debuts a full month and a half earlier than the game itself, which will become available on March 20.

For the piratical gamers who want to pick up one of these controllers, you can pre-order one now for $75.

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