Dead To Rights on PC

Dead To Rights on PC

Leading video games publisher, Namco announced that the company has signed a five-year exclusive licensing agreement with Hip Games for the rights to publish million unit-selling video game property, Dead to Rights for the PC. Hip Games, the publishing arm of Canada's leading provider of electronic entertainment, Hip Interactive, will begin shipping Dead to Rights PC in North America in fall 2003. The game will launch in Europe in October 2003 and will be distributed by L.S.P.

Dead to Rights is one of Namco's most valuable video game properties, said Garry Cole, senior vice president of sales, Namco Hometek, Inc. We look forward to working with Hip Games and L.S.P. to bring this great franchise to PC gamers throughout North America and Europe.

Dead to Rights is an intense, action thriller that is currently available for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, and Nintendo GameCube. Dead to Rights features model Grant City officer, Jack Slate, who's been framed for murder and seeks revenge on those who have killed his father and set him up. What Slate discovers during his journey sends him on a downward spiral into a labyrinth of corruption, betrayal and crime. Best-selling Dead to Rights has qualified for and is now selling as Platinum Hits for Xbox.

Namco's Dead to Rights has definitely made its mark in the video game world, said Arindra Singh, President and CEO of Hip Interactive. We look forward to Dead to Rights' continued success on the PC and believe it will help our publishing unit, Hip Games, continue to strengthen its position in the market.

L.S.P. is very pleased to bring PC Gamers in Europe one of the best action games of the year, added Olivier Goulon, COO, L.S.P. Dead to Rights will adapt well to the PC platform, so gamers should expect some intense gunfights this fall.