Dice: It Is Scary To Let Battlefield 3 Players Do Whatever They Want

Battlefield 3 GM Karl Magnus Troedsson admitted that he and Dice have heard the game's community requests for mod support "loud and clear," but they still decided against it.

"It's a huge investment for us to do something like that, and also a bit complicated, and to some degree there's also [a concern] security-wise," he tried to justify the decision. "It's a bit scary to take an investment like Battlefield 3 and just let people dig into that engine and do whatever they want. We're dedicated to try and really limit the amount of hacks and exploits that come out there, but as soon as you let something like that out, people have all the tools in the world that they need to sit there and try to create cheats that actually would destroy the experience for a lot of other people."

"I'm not blaming mod tools for hacks and exploits in any way," he added. "But there's a lot of things we need to consider."

Still, Magnus didn't rule out the possibility of adding mod support to the game sometime in the future.

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