Dishonoured coming in August Games With Gold

Microsoft has announced the next batch of Games with Gold promotional titles for those with Xbox consoles and Live Gold accounts. Available throughout the entire month of August, you'll get access to titles like Crimson Dragon, the original Xbox One launch title that has you flying around on giant dragons, shooting projectiles at even bigger beasts in single player or cooperative modes.

There's also Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, which was the first title to come out of the ID@Xbox program. In it you take on the role of a Strike Suit pilot, battling it out against enemies across vast swatches of space in the midst of epic battles between huge armies. Your goal might be specific, but how you achieve it is up to you.

While the above games will be available on the Xbox One only, Xbox 360 gamers will get two games of their own too. Motorcross Madness will be available from August 1-15, giving players access to the hit off-road racing title for nothing. There's even asynchronous multiplayer via social networks, meaning you can race your friends no matter what time it is.

The big get this month however, is Dishonoured, which will be available from August 16 to 31. If you haven't experienced it yet, this award winning, steam punk universe has you stealthily making your way around a finely stylised world to assassinate those that stand in the way of progress. Choose how you complete the act and do so with a murderous rampage, or restrict yourself to not killing anyone.

The choice is up to you.

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