Dreamcast's First FPS: Unreal Tournament

Many types of games have come to the Dreamcast, sports, fighting, racing, etc. But one genre that has not made the transition is the first person shooter genre.

Now Unreal Tournament, is going to the first FPS game to make the transition. The Dreamcast game will feature many things found in the computer game.

- New Deathmatch Levels. There will be 35 new maps specifically designed for the Dreamcast.
- Two Game Types. Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.
- Multiplayer. Up to 8 simultaneous players over DC's Sega.net.
- Weapons. 10 weapons including the pulse blaster and impact hammer.
- Advanced AI. Improved AI in level navigation, understanding of lifts, swimming, triggered doors and use of pickup items such as toxin suits and asbestos boots.
- Spectator Cams. Placed in various places in the level. They allow non-players to view the action.

UT will have no serious competition on the FPS genre on the Dreamcast platform until Quake III is released later. Will it be like on the PC? Or will Q3 finally beat UT in the multiplayer jungle. We'll have to wait and see.

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