Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Ships

Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Ships

Atari, under license from Hasbro, announced Dungeons & Dragons Heroes, the first Dungeons & Dragons branded adventure to hit a next-generation game console. The game will be available exclusively for the Xbox and has shipped to retail this week.

Dungeons & Dragons Heroes features four player coop play that allows up to four players to join or leave a game at anytime and play cooperatively through the single-player campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons Heroes includes the ability to play as one of four resurrected D&D heroes (Fighter, Wizard, Cleric & Rogue) each carved from archetype figures drawn from the D&D universe owned by Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro. Each Hero is equipped with 40-plus combat moves and special abilities unique to their character. There are also authentic D&D Monsters, many drawn directly from the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual; a Skills, Feats and Character Building system inspired by the third edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook; interactive levels spanning multiple environments ranging from a working forge to a magically suspended castle in the sky; and impressive spell and magical effects with weapon and magical upgrades appearing on the in-game characters.

We are extremely pleased to offer gamers an adventure of such epic proportions with true hack and slash gameplay that appeals to both die hard D&D fans, as well as RPG devotees, said Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of marketing for Atari. From the coop play to the incredible lighting and visually stunning spell and magic effects, Dungeons & Dragons Heroes delivers an incredibly detailed and robust gaming experience.

The game focuses around combat and developing a character, The Hero, as players journey through the game's levels to collect all of the Planar Gems and vanquish the evil force that threatens to end life as we know it. Dungeons & Dragons Heroes features gorgeously detailed characters in lush environments that are rich for adventuring, each populated with monsters, treasures and sinister traps. Players can experience the harrowing twists and turns along the path to righteousness, conquering dungeons and other planes of existence never before seen in full 3D and live a Hero's life.

Developed by Atari's own Hunt Valley studio, Dungeons & Dragons Heroes is now available at retail outlets for a suggested retail price of USD 49.95.