E3: Demonik PC, 360 Details - Images

E3: Demonik PC, 360 Details - Images E3: Demonik PC, 360 Details - Images E3: Demonik PC, 360 Details - Images E3: Demonik PC, 360 Details - Images

Deep within the Underworld, Demoniks rage against their hell-like slavery and are summoned to do the bidding of the humans brave, or foolhardy, enough to summon them. As a Demonik, you will stalk through various environments and perform the tasks of vengeance your summoner bids you to do. Many will stand in the way of your vengeance, but no one ever said causing pain and destruction would be easy. Luckily, you're extremely proficient at causing suffering. For every successful summoning, you will grow in power until you can finally break free from the chains that bind you. Soon, Earth will do your bidding and you will rule them all.

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Game Play Features:

- Master Horror writer, Clive Barker, to pen Demonik's story

- Wield over 25 deadly powers to maim, kill and wreak havoc, such as:
Hellfire: Burn everything in sight and rain down fire from above
The Devil's Hand: Grab and manipulate objects or humans before throwing them where you
see fit
Plague: Spread disease and leprosy amongst your targets. Body parts that fall off may
contaminate others or even explode
Swarm: Command swarms of locusts, scarabs and other varied creepy-crawlies and set them
against your target; often only bones will remain

- Cheat death by possessing and taking control of any human character you encounter

- 10 massive levels from around the globe featuring objects to throw, impale upon and wreak havoc with

- Challenge your friends' mastery of their Demonik powers via Xbox Live death matches

- Demonik models created by world-famous Marvel artist David Finch (X-men, Avengers)

- Supports HDTV and Dolby 5.1 Surround sound