EA just raised prices on its older Steam games

If you were thinking of picking up some of EA's older games which can still be found on Steam, you might want to consider grabbing them from elsewhere if you can, because the publishing giant just arbitrarily raised prices on a number of its classic games. Affected games include Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition, Sim City 4: Deluxe Edition, and Dead Space 2.

Prices have gone up by a few dollars on some games, but almost doubled on others.

It seems likely that this is a move by EA to encourage people to use its own Origin Store instead. Some of these games are now double the price of their Origin Store counterparts. This also opens up the option for EA to discount these games during future Steam sales to make them seem like a better deal than they are.

It's possible that this is more innocent and merely a restructuring of the EA game pricing in different regions around the world to offer more price parity among gamers. But that seems unlikely considering the publisher's money grubbing practices in the past and heavy focus on microtransactions and randomized rewards in recent years.

In any case, if you're looking to buy EA games in the near future, shop around. We've found some of its older games can be found as cheap physical copies on Amazon, so that's usually your best bet if you still have a disk drive lying around to use.

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