Enhanced Witcher III Wild Hunt coming later in 2021

Enhanced Witcher III Wild Hunt coming later in 2021

CD Projekt Red has promised that an enhanced version of its seminal RPG, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, will be coming later in 2021. This will upgrade the game's visuals for new-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as gaming PCs. It was previously rumored that something like this was in the works, but it wasn't known when it would arrive, now we know for sure.

The Witcher III was originally released in 2015, and though Cyberpunk is the AAA game du jour for the company, The Witcher III is much more beloved and looks set to be a more impactful game long term. It was a gorgeous game when it was released and still looks good, but it is showing its age around the edges. The new version will reportedly take big steps to improve the texture quality, and improve loading times. The big update will be with the introduction of ray tracing options, though, which could see the game become one of the best looking around, once again.

No doubt it will be seriously taxing on gaming PCs, too, which benchmarkers will enjoy just as much as gamers, we imagine.

It's possible that we'll see a free version of this updated game given out to existing owners, though CDPR may instead opt to give them a discount. It's entirely up in the air. We do, however, know that the updated experience is coming in the second half of the year.

The new update will likely be available for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet, or whether the updates will be available simultaneously.

Would you buy The Witcher III again to unlock its extras and new visuals? Or would you only be interested if it was a free update?