EVGA Kingpin RTX 3090 is a $2,000 monster

EVGA may have once again produced the most capable factory-card ever, with the Kingpin Edition of the GeForce RTX 3090. It features a hybrid cooling solution with a single fan and big internal heatsinks for the RAM and power phases, and a 360MM radiator watercooling solution just for the core. That lets them raise the boost clock of this RTX 3090 from the 1700MHz of the Founders Edition to a monstrous 1900MHz. And that's before you switch it into OC, or even LN2 mode (if you fancy supercooling this beyond the 2GHz barrier).

It's not just a powerful cooling solution on a binned GPU though, this card features an upgraded 23 phase power stage design and a 12-layer PCB. If you want to overclock the RTX 3090 to the absolute limits, there is no card like this out there right now, as per VideoCardz.

Granted it will also perform better than just about any other RTX 3090 on the market right out of the box, which effectively makes this the most powerful GPU in the world. But you'll have to pay for it. To cover all the materials, time invested in tweaking, and binning this GPU, you'll have to spend a cool $2,000. That might not seem too much considering the scalper prices that standard RTX 3090s have been demanding in recent weeks, but it's still 33% more expensive than the standard card is supposed to cost. Considering the already high price tag is demands, that's a tall order, even for those with deep pockets.

Would you ever consider such a heavily overclocked and binned card? How far do you think your overclocking skills could take an RTX 3090 Kingpin Edition?

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