Evil Genius 2 looks good ahead of March release

Evil Genius 2 looks good ahead of March release

After many years of waiting, fans of Evil Genius can finally look forward to a real sequel (not a mobile reimagining) in just a few short weeks. The latest look at the gameplay and tutorial for play make it look pretty decent too, even if mining out space in your base and building with arbitrary construction guns isn't the most exciting thing to look at.

Dealing with enemy agents is, though, as is the recruitment and training system for your minions, and the fact that your evil lair actually has a front so that you can hide all your dastardly equipment behind a veneer of professional sensibility.

Evil Genius 2 will see the return of several major characters from the original game, and will have players taking on the role of the titular Genius with evil intent. You'll hire minions to do your bidding, henchman to take out the agents of good and go on missions around the world, and even war between other evil geniuses and crime lords yourself. All while building your base of operations, and your base of power.

There will be a definitive story in the game too, giving you a starting point and an end goal to work towards. You can die in the attempt though, so it might be that your evil genius isn't quite enough to win through the first time around. Fortunately, there are always more minions to haul into your training rooms for the next go.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination hits Steam on March 30.