Far Cry Primal in-game footage shows beast hunting action

Far Cry Primal in-game footage shows beast hunting action

Far Cry Primal is the next in the line of Ubisoft's Far Cry spin-off titles, following on from the likes of Blood Dragon, with a different take on the first person universe. This time around players are tasked with conquering a stone-age world, taking on beasts, men and perhaps something else entirely, using the wild itself to help them do it.

In the latest gameplay video release, we see the team from Yogscast take to the hills with bears, owls and wolves in tow, attacking, exploring and hunting across the landscape in a sometimes haphazard fasion.

Players can tame a variety of the world's prehistoric creatures, including sabretooth tigers, cave-lions and various smaller critters like owls and hyenas and all of them can be used to attack enemies, scout out locations, sniff out danger and perform a variety of other tasks. Regardless, they'll be your friend to the end, unless they get killed.

Other aspects of the game include clearing camps like in previous Far Cry titles, though this time around it's all about lighting a watch fire.

It doesn't need pointing out, but the game is absolutely gorgeous too. Foliage is incredibly lush and varied, making it hard to spot the texturing at times.

Far Cry Primal is set for release on Xbox One and PS4 on February 23 next year, with a Windows PC launch coming shortly after in March.