First look at Windows 11 Pro leaks

A new version of Windows is just around the corner and may well be called Windows 11 X Pro. It clearly takes some design cues from MacOS, centering icons and the Start button in the taskbar, and rounding the corners of each Window. There's greater Xbox Store integration, and a general cleaning of the UI to make it more open and less cluttered.

The ISO that The Verge played around with has been confirmed genuine, and is called Windows 11 Pro, based on the 21996.1 build. There are a number of new icons in this version of Windows, a return of the Widget functions, and a mix of cleaner, lighter colors for the UI in general.

It's not clear if this will come as part of an update for Windows 10, or will be an entirely new version that must be upgraded to.

Windows 11 Pro will reportedly be announced officially on June 24, with a general release expected later this year.

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