Fortnite adds Battle Royale mode as Battlegrounds growth continues

Fortnite, the once pioneering looking cross between a base builder and third person shooter which ultimately became just another base building survival title, is once again tagging along a popular trend by introducing a Battle Royale mode. It will allow up to 100 players to go head to head in a PVP environment, building bases and shooting up one another's forts with abandon.

With games like H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tearing up the Steam charts, it's perhaps no wonder that there are some imitators out there. Fortnite is certainly doing that with its new Battle Royale mode, but it does have some unique aspects which make it a little different.

Because Fortnite allows you to build anything anywhere, players are encouraged to fortify locations they're holed up in, making their assault that much harder. It also features a lot of make shift weapons, which should further enhance gameplay.

While some are concerned that this will drive the game more towards a micro-transaction model, it seems to be going down reasonably well with streamers so far. The question is, will it remain so and will the wider player base enjoy it?

Fortnite hasn't been anywhere near the success story that Epic hoped it would be. Can a Battle Royale mode reinvigorate it?

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