GAME Selling Nintendo Eshop Codes In-Store

Nintendo eShop

A few weeks ago, we talked about what high street video game retailers could do to remain relevant in an increasingly digital age. One of my suggestions was to do more of its online related promotions like GAME was doing with Steam Wallet codes in the UK. Apparently someone was reading, since Nintendo has now partnered with GAME also, to offer eShop codes to British consumers.

The eShop codes will be buyable in-store and online and it's an exclusive one, meaning only GAME will have these. No supermarkets or other retailers fighting for market share. Presumably however, it'll only be a national tie-in, so other countries will be able to strike their own deals with Nintendo. Perhaps Gamestop will do so in the US?

eShop codes allow for the buying of digital content on the 3DS and Wii U consoles.

Any Brits reading should also take note, that in line with this promotion, GAME is also adding 25 per cent to all trade in games, when traded against eShop codes. So get your old games down there and grab yourself some Wii U gear.