gameSpace 1.5

gameSpace 1.5

New version adds direct support for leading game engines, expanded export formats and free tutorials for getting started in game content creation.

Caligari, award-winning producer of 3D modeling and animation software again expanded its 3D game content creation environment, gameSpace, with the release of version 1.5, the company announced today. The new version includes support for three leading game engines, additional game export formats and a variety of time-saving, workflow-enhancing features. Caligari also announced availability of a level exporter, sold separately, which enables gameSpace to be used as a level creator and editor.

gameSpace provides everything needed for start to finish, professional-quality game content creation. Version 1.5 underscores Caligari's commitment to becoming the leading game graphics-authoring platform for independent game developers and enthusiasts, with a product that provides unrestricted 3D graphics creation power and unlimited export to most major game formats and engines at an affordable price. gameSpace costs USD 299.00.

gameSpace opens the world of game content to anyone with talent, said Caligari Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, Chris Rogne. gameSpace's immersive first-person-perspective environment is instantly familiar to game-players, reducing the learning curve and speeding development of sophisticated 3D characters, weapons, vehicles, environments and more. We're also helping newcomers learn and get games to market faster via free tutorials, 3D model libraries, and an extremely active and supportive forum community.

gameSpace 1.5 adds direct support for three more of the leading independent game engines: Blitz, Torque and 3D GameStudio A6 in addition to existing support for GameCreator's DarkBASIC. gameSpace also enables direct export of 3D models created in gameSpace to leading game formats including Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Quake 3 and Direct X. Additional game formats supported include: Half Life SMD, Genesis 3D BDV, Genesis 3D MOT, Unreal / UT 3D, Serious Sam LWO / SCR, Serious Sam SKA, The Sims SKN, GameStudio A5 MDL, GenEdit 3dt exporter, and RAW.

A new level exporter for gameSpace, sold separately for USD 49.00, enables the export of an entire scene as a 3D game level, including geometry, textures and lights. In addition, the level exporter enables the import of textures from WAD files into the gameSpace texture library. All materials - whether image, color or procedural - are converted into mipmapped game image textures and exported in the correct format for each system. The level exporter turns gameSpace into a level editor, simplifying and speeding the creation of levels as well as adding another dimension of graphics and workflow control to the gameSpace environment.

Modeling, texture and animation capabilities in gameSpace are provided through an included game-optimized version of trueSpace 6.6, Caligari's flagship 3D modeling product. Modeling features include polygon modeling/point editing for in-game content, and Subdivision Surfaces for producing high polycount versions.

A high-quality rendering engine supports full rendering to any image size, with no watermarks, for production of promotional artwork, background images, beauty renders, 2D sprites, etc. Images can also be rendered using advanced procedural shaders turning gameSpace into a powerful texture creation tool. Finished textures can then be placed back onto 3D models with precision, control and flexibility using included texture-mapping tools.

Animation tools include IK and bones to enable precise control over joints with realistic movement. gameSpace also includes a powerful non-linear editor, greatly simplifying the creation of complex animation sequences.

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