This is Gaming...

This is Gaming... This is Gaming...

One gamer, turned down by his state, congressman and the President himself, discovered that help was just a WoW session away. His World of Warcraft Guild raised the funds his family needed to make it through some very dark times.

In the current world of corporate gaming, intense media blitzes and Rockstar-hunts, one gamer has discovered that the most powerful force in the industry is the people that have made it such a success. We will not bore you with our diatribe on failed role models and unhinged politicians protecting our children from video games but instead, we will bring you the words of Dredd GaRayn (Level 60 Human Paladin), as they appear on the official WoW forums:

I am posting this from my Feathermoon Server Forum. For what they did, which was amazing, they deserve the best recognition!

Last December, before Christmas, I was diagnosed with a very rare and very lethal form of cancer known as Burkitts Lymphoma (

I underwent surgery to remove a mass the size of a softball from my neck that if left in one, maybe two more weeks, would have killed me. I was admitted to the hospital just after the first of the year to undergo three rounds, three months of some of the most intensive chemotherapy done in the industry.

With the possibility of death while being treated, and becoming violently ill and losing the ability to even walk, write or hold a gallon of milk because it was too heavy, I underwent a 9 month dose of chemo in about 3, complete with 9 spinal taps (fricken hurt!), and chemicals so toxic, if not met with an antidote I would have died from the poison.

Third week of March came, the time to retest and make sure the treatments were successful, the news was in I won the fight against not just an elite mob red spawn, but something many have died from And no, an epic didnt drop. Instead, I received legendary support!

3 months out of chemo I type to you all here and now, 3 months I have tried to heal as fast as I could, learn to walk and type, and get a new job which I just started today making a good salary. But I could not have done this without the support of many people, here in World of Warcraft.

When the state, charities, governor, news agencies, senators and even the president of the united states did not respond to my familys pleas for help to keep a roof over our head, help to keep the power company from shutting us off from a $1,500 power bill and keep food on the table for my kids while we incurred expenses of me missing work, my Guild stepped up.

Sedren 60 human priest formed a fund via paypal and was able to get donations from guild members to aid my fight to live.

Redlit 60 human warlock and his lovely wife (grats on the news of the baby!), Brindange 60 human paladin donated a large sum of money to help pay our bills.

Mystify and his lovely lady, Luvforlorn (60 warlock and 56 priestess) donated a large sum of money to help our fight as well

Krete, Jeeden, Shinyou, Havokskiss, Frostedtears, and everyone else in our guild, Guardians of Malingon, have total raised almost $4,000

There are many many more in our guild who supported my family in this fight, but they wont tell me who all donated because they wanted to help and not want it back You have our love.

This post is one of hope, dreams and about living and loving the ones you hold dearest to you. When the real world turned its back on my family, the tanks, healers, and all that kind of good stuff in a video game, in a community where we all trust and love one another came through and put together a miracle.

The fight continues, as now I am working and will try to catch things up as soon as possible. We are not out of the fire yet, but each day the light grows brighter at the end of the tunnel. Should I live the next 5 years being cancer free, I would have truly beaten it, if not, I will die knowing those who cared and those who loved me more than any epic or loot item, and those who cared about the human spirit when all they know of me is what they hear about over Ventrilo.

Please take a moment in your busy day to notice our guild members for their outstanding support and their love for their fellow man, you dont have to let them win that epic out from under you, but a big Feathermoon pat on the back will do just fine.

New information: is my new home page where I will have survivor stories and information relating to cancer. This is a support group site where you can also have a memorial posting to your loved one. The forums are admin controlled to keep the trolls out. Information will be posted this weekend, thank you for all your support!

We thank you Dredd GaRayn for your courage and your honor in bringing this story to everyone's attention.