Gears Of War Director: Days Of Magazine Covers And E3 Reveals Are Over

Gears of War lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski , believes that the days of Magazine cover and big E3 reveals are over.

The famous designer believes that new games should be released then get improved and marketed with help from its fans.

"Your game is as good as how many YouTube videos it can yield," he argued. "My wife and I are totally hooked on Rust right now. It's not about the 'new user experience'; in these games the new user experience is utter shit, and it's okay. There are two lessons people have not learned from Minecraft: Get the game out there and build it. Some kid will put out a video. Players will teach each other. You don't need the 'press A to jump.'"

"The whole 'old guard,' where you get a Game Informer cover and an E3 reveal, is dead," he added. "I'll never make another disc-based game for the rest of my career, and [at E3] they're trying to woo buyers from Target and Walmart?"

Bleszinski also explained for the first time why he left Epic Games after being their star designer for 20 years. "There was no one reason. I'd sold a bunch of stock, I had enough of a nest egg to work or not work. Creatively, I was a little beat down." For the moment he is still unemployed, but he plans to start his own studio sooner or later.

"As a developer myself, I will probably always make shooters. It's in my DNA," he said. "Money is one thing. It's nice to get a nice dinner and not sweat it. But I want to get back to the point where I go to PAX, and a couple comes up to us and tells us that they met in a game that my team made. Cosplayers. Kids with tattoos. That sense of camraderie with developers. That's where I want to get back to."

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