God of War PC looks even better than the PS5 version

God of War PC looks even better than the PS5 version

God of War is coming to PC, if you hadn't heard, and it's going to be the best looking version so far. Better in fact, than the PS5 rendition, as a new comparison between PC and PS5 trailers shows. This is all thanks to a combination of higher resolution support, uncapped frame rates, improved shadow resolution, ultrawide support, better screen space reflections, improved ambient occlusion, and more.

Here's what God of War looks like on PC, versus the already-enhanced PS5 version of the game.

If you've played the original on PS5, you can see how this is a dramatic improvement, but even over the Ps55 version, there is a very real difference there too. Shadows and lighting are far more subtle and realistic, with the higher frame rate really showing improved fluidity of motion, too.

The higher resolution, detail, and frame rate will demand more from the PC version of the game, but to help that out, it'll also support deep learning super sampling, improving frame rates with very little impact on visual quality.

God of War is slated to arrive on PC in January 2022, and you can pre-order it on Steam, now.