Halo 2: New Map - Retail Pack Details

Halo 2:  New Map - Retail Pack Details

Microsoft has announced that four new Halo 2 multiplayer maps are available over Xbox Live. Two of the maps, Containment and Warlock, are available for free to Xbox Live members. The other two maps, Sanctuary and Turf, are available together for download via Xbox Live for USD 5.99 (GBP 2.99).

All four maps will be included in the retail Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack, which will contain a total of nine maps and is set for a June 28 retail release (1st July for Europe). The retail package will also contain two new videos: an animated side-story from the single-player story in New Mombasa and a mini-documentary that includes interviews with the map designers, combat strategies and fly-throughs of the new maps. All nine maps will be available for gamers to download for free from 30th August.

Set in a Forerunner environment on Delta Halo, Containment is a massive, icy outdoor environment suitable for vehicle combat and large team-objective games such as Capture the Flag. Warlock, a small to midsized indoor arena set in ancient Forerunner ruins, offers ample opportunities for a variety of gametypes such as Territories, Slayer, Team Slayer and more. Located in the streets of Old Mombasa near the wreckage of a downed Covenant Scarab, Turf is a midsize asymmetrical urban combat environment with narrow streets, dark alleyways and heavily defended buildings. The sunlit remains of an ancient Forerunner temple, Sanctuary is a medium-sized symmetrical environment excellent for Capture the Flag, Assault, Territories and Slayer games.