Halo PC New Weapon Details

Gearbox Software, hard at work developing the PC version of Halo, have released an image from the game demonstrating one of the two, all-new weapons. The screenshot shows the flamethrower in full scorching mode. The flamethrower and a fuelrod gun are both weapons which were not available in the XBox version of the game but will be available to PC gamers, though only on multi-player mode.

The Fuel Rod Gun is a multiplayer PC exclusive weapon that is of Covenant origin. It's an arching, lob-type weapon that is somewhat like a grenade launcher. Its firepower is roughly on par with the rocket launcher but it gives players the ability to shoot over obstacles and defenses. The re-fire rate is fairly quick but the gun is prone to overheating after extended use.

The flamethrower was the last weapon to be developed for Halo PC and therefore there s a lack of detail about it. The image however, does hint at intense power, short range and slow re-fire rate.

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